Four burner cooktop – induction ceramic hob by Siemens

The versatile 60cm wide four burner cooktop features the front bevel and lateral slim metal profiles – typical of the latest trends, and comes with Siemens touchSlider control panel. The Siemens EH675MB11E induction ceramic hob offers 4 induction cooking zones, 17 power levels, timer, residual heat indicator for each zone, child lock and pot detection among other features. Four burners give you enough power and flexibility to cook dinner for entire family in a short period of time. Front left and rear right zones have 1.4 kW output, front right zone offers 2.2 kW while rear left zone comes with 1.8 kW to 2 kW power range. This four burner ceramic induction hob sells for € 1450. Siemens.

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Siemens ceramic cooktop

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