Ceramic glass halogen Vitroline hobs

Foster ceramic glass Vitroline hobs feature high-efficiency high-light halogen plates that are very quick to heat up. The 9 power delivery levels make the hobs extremely versatile to use and provide constant temperatures for delicate cooking operations. Their multiple heating elements with 2 and 3 levels get the most out of the available space and can be used to adapt the zone to the diameter of the saucepan. The vitroline hob above retails for just under € 1,800 and has incredible flexibility with the following outputs per zone,
– right with 2.3 kW
– centre with 2.5 kW, 1.6 kW, 0.8 kW
– left with 2.2 kW, 7.5 kW

This ceramic glass halogen Vitroline hob is priced at € 1,650. The flush mount hob 4 zones provide the following power outputs,
– front left with 1.2 kW
– front rear with 1.8 kW
– centre with 1.0 kW, 2.2 kW
– right with 1.1 kW, 2.0 kW
These hobs also offer electronic programming with all the operations selected with the touch-controls on the actual hob itself. Each halogen plate features independent programming, allowing to select appropriate cooking times. When the hob is switched off, the timer can be used as a clock. Foster also equipped them with Go&Stop device which turns on the plates initially at maximum power until the selected temperature has been reached.
Every Foster electric hob comes with sophisticated safety protections including,
– centralized child-proof power-off function for the hob
– safety system activates if the hob is accidentally powered
– overflow detector automatically turns off the plate and activates a warning buzzer
– automatic deactivation after 3 hours on to prevent accidents
For more information and details visit Foster UK. See also Giotto and Rondo round gas hobs and flush-mount gas hobs.

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