Franke Neptune 1200 gas hob

Franke Neptune 1200 is the new gas hob that combines strong aesthetic impact, design, functionality and elegance. Featuring 4-in-line burners with convenient frontal controls, the narrow gas cooktop provides ergonomic solution when space or configuration is an issue. Neptune 1200 gas hob also has the more potent burners on the ends, enabling you to use the largest pots and pans in the same time. The dual triple crown burner on the left offers 3.8 kW and its flame can be independently adjusted only on the inner ring or on the whole burner. The 3.0 kW rapid double crown on the opposite end of this gas hob ensures the most even cooking with better heat distribution. In-between, you have semi rapid 1.75 kW double crown and auxiliary 1.0 kW gas burners. Franke.

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