ILVE electric cooktop with CERAN surface

This 90cm wide ILVE cooktop brings you 5 instant heat electric elements on Eco friendly ceramic CERAN surface. Key features include marker heat zone cooking, precision thermostat control and regional heat warning lights. ILVE exclusive double heat zone offers extra power to accommodate wok or large pans with 1.0 kW inner and 1.6 kW outer element, which may be switched separately or used together for a total output of 2.6 kW. For your cooking versatility and performance, the electric cooktop also has 2 elements with 1.2 kW each, one 1.8 kW and a powerful 2.2 kW element. This low profile ILVE cooktop is just 5cm deep and is fully sealed with protective perimeter frame. Contoured stainless steel control knobs can also be finished in brass or chrome. Price is around $2,300 AUD. More information on SCHOTT CERAN.

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