Copper range hoods from Texas Lightsmith

Copper Range hoods are unique way to add style and warmth to any kitchen and no one knows that as well as Texas Lightsmith with their wide variety of styles and options. Available in a variety of configurations, with custom designed mechanical sets and custom borders; Texas Lightsmith has become the go-to source for gorgeous and distinct copper range hoods. Most vent hood’s shape, size and borders can be customized to your tastes. Some of our favorite cooper hood designs are featured below and all are available for wall-mount or island applications.
Standing out from other copper range hoods, this particular hood is a stunning combination of old-world materials and processes with contemporary lines and stainless steel, creating a unique and one of a kind vent hood design. Featuring a hand done repoussé provides a decorative detail within this modern shape and sleek stainless steel panels.

Above is another vent hood featuring a repoussé border with an acanthus leaf detail with an attractive bell curve.
This particular copper hood has a unique rounded design with a ¼ sphere shape and flue stack creating softness and fluidity with its curves.
Copper is finished with a soft distressed texture and ¼” thick hammered copper bands, faceted rivets for an impressive and solid design.
This shiny copper range hood features a hand hammered border and concave shape for a classic design and clean lines. More copper range hoods from RangeCraft.

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