Copper hood by RangeCraft – custom hoods

Since we first wrote about RangeCraft copper range hoods almost two years back, the company has introduced many new custom hood designs in copper, bronze, brass and steel, and any combination of these materials in mirror or antique finishes. While the number of copper hood manufacturers grew up in response to increased demand, few offer as many distinctive models. Technically, every custom RangeCraft copper hood comes standard with halogen lights, filters, fans and switches. The newly developed new and improved filters are made of extruded aluminum and set into a stainless steel frame, so that they can never clog up and are dishwasher-safe, offering highly controlled airflow with less static pressure and noise, and specially designed baffles with higher grease separation. RangeCraft custom copper hoods are equipped with powerful, state-of-the-art fans with noise levels well below 50 dB at full 900 CFM. The available air flows on custom designed hoods can exceed 2,500 CFM. Standard switches for the lights are ON/OFF and dimmers are available at an extra cost. For the fans an OFF/Medium/High switch is standard and four speed switches are available. RangeCraft copper hood design.

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