Dual function cooker hood – climate control Faber Klima

The new Faber Klima is the first dual function cooker hood that not just purifies air but cools and heats it too. Equipped with the 4-stage air blower, this climate control hood offers 270, 420 and 580 m³/h standard extraction rates as well as 715 m³/h on intensive setting. The corresponding noise levels are 44, 55, 61 and 65 dBA. The ‘A’ energy rated Faber Klima offers 2.8 kW cooling and 2.9 kW heating capabilities.
Other key features are remote control, electronic control panel with digital display, 3 bright lights 20 watts each, dishwasher-safe cassette filter, Faber perimeter aspiration system with sound-absorbing panels, energy diffuser for higher hood efficiency and reduced noise, and filter saturation alarm. Finally, the hood Key 24 function permits the hood to run 24 hours a day for continuous air renewal with noise imperceptible to the human ear while Delayed Switch-off allows automatic delayed motor shut off to fully eliminate residual odours. Also availble in black. Faber.


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