Faber Pareo retractable steel range hood

The new Pareo is a retractable steel range hood from premium F-Light collection of Faber hoods. Resembling a futuristic sculpture, the steel hood has a unique telescoping housing made of 3 asymmetric parts. On your command, Pareo silently and smoothly retracts to the ceiling or extends down to the cooking range for optimal air intake. In either position, this retractable stainless steel range hood underlines the style and craftsmanship.

Pareo features 4 LED lights with just 3 watt of consumption each, remote control, 4-speed including Intensive setting fan, delayed switch-off and top extraction rate of 520 cubic meters per hour. The retractable steel range hood also comes with energy diffuser which reduces noise and guarantees higher hood efficiency even in the presence of long air outlet, and advanced Key 24 function that allows a continuous air renewal with noise imperceptible to the human ear. Faber.
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