Faber Arkea hood with chromotherapy Lighting and Up & Down technology

Azure and blue tones for relaxation, green for connection with nature, yellow and orange for an energy filled environment. Light therapy comes to the kitchen with Arkea, the exclusive lamp-hood from the F-light line of designer Faber cooker hoods, the leading ventilation hood company since 1955. Thanks to its cutting edge LED RGB spotlights, with Arkea you can choose your favourite colour or alternate between a wide range of colours in a loop, giving the best loved room in the home a totally unique atmosphere. Comes with maximum savings – warm, uniform lighting, with just 3 watts consumed for each LED.

Designed as a white polycarbonate sphere with a steel finish, Arkea is not only irresistible in terms of aesthetics, but it also boasts very high performance levels, from its powerful and silent Energy motor to its suction capacity, guaranteed by powerful activated carbon filters. With its Up & Down technology, it also offers maximum comfort and practicality in the kitchen – operated by remote control, Arkea gently lowers onto the hob when activated, increasing its efficiency.
When the hood is no longer needed, it rises towards the ceiling with a simple press of a button, returning to its original position and freeing the space surrounding the burners. This device is found in all exclusive models in the F-light line, including Pareo, a futuristic steel sheet that wraps around the body of the hood, and Lybra, a versatile glass and steel cube with a clean, essential design.
Arkea from Faber can be considered an absolute state of the art design, that turns the hood into a fully fledged lighting system, inspired by the latest trends in lighting design. The LED strip inside the sphere casts a magnificent, uniform light, while the 4 LED spot lights on the body of the hood effectively illuminate the hob, with the advantage of considerable energy savings. Previously, Faber Bios wall extractor hood.

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