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[KBIS 2008 Preview]
Five new Miele hoods has been added to Miele existing collection of built-in, canopy, wall and island hoods, just in time for the upcoming International Builders’ Show in Orlando and KBIS 2008 in Chicago. The new island and wall ventilation Miele hoods are beautifully designed with sleek, sculptured lines, and bring top notch functionality to achieve exceptional air filtration.
The four Miele Décor range hoods come in 30″ to 48″ widths, featuring a double-sided, single motor with up to 625 CFM, and are available in classic stainless steel or may be custom made in over 200 colors to fit any imaginable kitchen decor and style. The fifth, 70″ wide double range Miele hood comes in stainless steel and has a dual blower motor system with up to 1,250 CFM, providing a double blower for those who really love to cook. All the hoods come with 4 speeds, center-mounted controls, integrated halogen lighting with dimmer function, automatic shut-off of intensive level programmable for 10 minutes, delayed shutdown for either 5 or 15 minutes timed programs and programmable filter timers that indicate when it is time to wash the dishwasher-safe filters.
The prices for these Miele hoods are as follows – the 48″ DA 5321 D Décor Island Hood retails for $3,100, the stainless steel only 70″ DA 5341 D is priced at $3,900, the 30″ DA 5381 W Wall Hood costs $1,900, and the prices for 36″ DA 5391 W and the 48″ DA 5321 W Miele wall hoods are $2,000 and $2,100 respectively.

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