Downdraft vent from Gaggenau

The telescopic swivel downdraft vent, VL 051 from Gaggenau represents one of the most unique designs, implemented in downdraft ventilation. The downdraft vent has two automatic positions – one at 2.25″ above the cooking surface for grilling, and the other at the maximum 15.75″ elevation for a saucepan. At the maximum height, the ventilator arm rotates through 90 degrees to either side. If the automatic positions don’t quite suit you, you can always raise or lower the arm using the control knob. After use, the swivel arm centers itself and retracts into the cooktop automatically. Other features of this downdraft vent include 10 minute delayed shut-off function to extract any remaining vapor after you finish cooking, fan with three power levels and flashing filter saturation indicator. Special anti trap sensor stops this downdraft vent on its way down if something gets in a way. Filter is dishwasher safe. Previously, Gaggenau ventilation table. Gaggenau.

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