Miele motorized height-adjustable ventilation hood for modern hi-tech kitchen

Miele motorized height-adjustable ventilation hood looks to us as definite must-have for today’s modern hi-tech kitchens. The height-adjustable island ventilation hood, DA 424 V can glide up, out of the way, or down, closer to the cooktop when needed with a touch of the button, allowing for a perfect elevation to remove smoke and odors, or for a more ergonomic level for the cook. Made completely of stainless steel in an unobtrusive, elegant style, this motorized ventilation hood fits in well with design-oriented hi-tech modern kitchens. Quiet, high performance motor is controlled by two push buttons that lower or raise the canopy by 12 full inches over an island cooktop.

miele-motorized-height-adjustable-ventilation-range-hood.jpgSturdy slide tracks, concealed in the telescopic chimney section, allow the canopy to be retracted to a depth of 28″ or fully extended 40″ down. The convenient, high-end digital push button controls with four power settings, timed fan programs that turn off in 5 or 15 minute intervals, a filter saturation indicator that alerts when a filter needs to be washed, four dimmable halogen lamps and potent 625 cu. ft. per minute airflow are some of the features of this motorized height-adjustable ventilation hood. The price is £1,858. Miele.

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