Modern cooker hoods – Euro designed modern hoods

I like corner cooker hoods with their sharp angular lines, these modern cooker hoods look … well, very modern indeed. Jetair offer two corner hoods for Euro markets, both designed considering the smaller European living quarters but sacrificing neither performance nor style. The Cornelia features 3 speed motor with its airflow of up to 410 m3/h. The noise level is 65 DBa making it reasonably quiet, 3 halogen lights provide plenty of light for your kitchen.

Slightly narrower and longer Elisa demonstrate unmistakable Euro design with its clean, almost minimalist lines. This modern cooker hood comes with 3 speed motor and maximum airflow of 300 m3/h making it a perfect candidate for even smallest kitchen. 2 halogen lights, stainless steel finish.

Dacor looks very sharp, in particular we like the front mounted control panel which black finish beautifully contrasts curved stainless steel finished hood. 4 speed motor with the airflow ranging from 370-1000 m3/h making this modern cooker hood quite capable. At 71 DBa, the Euro designed hood comes across as bit too noisy, but its good looks and overall presentation more than recoup for a slightly higher noise. Jetair.

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