Faber Concept venting system – back draft ventilation

Born of a collaboration between the designers of Faber and the BCF Design Studio, the Faber Concept venting system is integrated directly into the wall above the cooking area, and designed with idea that not everyone likes a vent hood hanging from above, no matter how nice that hood looks. To put it simply, this Faber patented system was born of the need to freely move about the cooking range without the risk of banging your head on the hood. The venting system is the back draft, which means the airflow is coming out of the back wall directly over the cooking surface. Equipped with a powerful but quiet motor, and located very close to the source of vapor and smells, Concept ventilates very effectively. A fan circulates air out of the hood and pulls smoke and odors back through the narrow slots. An optional overhead light fixture is available to light your cooking area. Made of stainless steel, the luxury styled Faber Concept features 600 cu. ft. per meter remote Pro motor blower, perimeter suction system with air sound proofing, 24 hour anti-pollution mode, 4 speed control with 2 delayed shut off timers, hidden behind the narrow slots dishwasher-safe filters, remote control and grease filter saturation indicator. Winner of several prestigious design and engineering awards, the Concept venting system is a perfect solution for your ventilation problems, as long as you don’t mind spending close to $2,350 USD. Optional internal blower with 600 cfm and remote blower with 900 cfm air flows are also available for $400 and $560 respectively. Faber.

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