SolarDOM microwave – LG advanced light-wave microwave oven

The SolarDOM microwave from LG cooks up to 3 times faster than conventional ovens. The SolarDOM is the world first countertop light-wave oven to combine conventional oven and microwave oven technologies and offer top notch performance and design. The result is high quality microwave cooking. This microwave oven allows for the first time to achieve the rich taste of a conventional oven at lighting speed of a conventional microwave. As cooking time is reduced and the temperature is high, the moisture and nutrients are contained within the food resulting in food that is nutritious, tender and juicy. The compact light oven uses a Mega Heater System, which utilizes light waves created by a combination of different type of heaters – Halogen, Sheath and Ceramic, each with different heating depth ensuring that food is cooked evenly. Heat is circulated more efficiently because of the round cavity and the light reflector, which concentrates light waves on the food. The SolarDOM can be heated up to 320 °C in only five minutes, eliminating the need for preheating. LG provided this microwave with the Smart Guide Display. Icons on a color LCD panel keep you informed on cooking status as well as providing step-by-step instructions. The round cavity of the SolarDOM microwave oven is easy to clean. The price is around £275. Previously, Dacor Millennia microwave oven, and voice activated and double door microwaves from Daewoo.

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