Samsung microwave oven review – over the range microwaves

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This is the newest Samsung microwave oven, the stainless steel SMH9207 over the range microwave with 2.0 cu. ft of interior space, 1,150 watts of power, sensor cooking, a 400 CFM ventilation fan and controls on the bottom of the door. Designed to match seamlessly with the full line of Samsung home appliances, this Samsung microwave is equipped with the powerful ventilation system to quickly and quietly remove any food odor. The vents remain hidden to provide a finished, sleek look. Removable chrome racks allow for multiple level or two-tier cooking for added cooking convenience. Should be in stores this June for $400.
If you don’t want to wait and spend that much for an over the range microwave, consider less expensive Samsung microwave ovens that are currently available, the SMH9187 and the SMH9151 over the range microwaves. The SMH9187 features 1.8 cu. ft of space, sensor cooking, a 400 CFM ventilation fan and 1,100 watts of power, while the SMH9151 offers 1.5 cu. ft of space, a 220 CFM ventilation fan and 1,000 watts of power.

Either Samsung microwave oven will be a good choice. The SMH9187 offers electronic touch controls, three-stage programmable cooking and sensor cooking similar to that of the SMH9207, eliminating the need to program the serving size, weight and power levels. It stainless model sells for $300 while black and white are priced at $280. The SMH9151 over the range microwave comes with electronic touch controls, two-stage programmable cooking and is available in stainless for $200, black and white for $180. Samsung.
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