LG over the range microwave oven

This LG over the range microwave oven comes with a unique EasyUp Door, which you lift out and up to open, providing an easier access to a large 2.2 cubic feet cavity. The Glide-N-Spin cooking tray offers exceptional performance by ensuring the food is cooked and heated evenly, so you don’t end up with a mix of cold and hot spots in your freshly cooked or reheated food. The LG also equips this over the range microwave oven with Intelligent Control Center, elegant SmoothTouch controls and large VFD display. The hidden 4-speed Innovent Ventilation System features powerful 470 cfm airflow which quickly extracts grease, smoke and food odors and, at only 58 decibels, the microwave is pretty quiet. The 1,100 Watt over the range oven features child lock, 10 power levels, sensor cook options with 7 menus, kitchen timer, exterior dual halogen lights and wide grease filter. The price for this stainless steel LG over the range microwave oven is $800.

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