Samsung microwave oven – Guiding Light convection microwave oven

The Guiding Light Samsung microwave oven has a unique illumination system that guides you through a simple 4-step process to achieve perfectly cooked food every time. The first step of this Samsung microwave is to select one of the cooking functions. The light then guides to a second step to specify what is being cooked, the temperature and the power needed. The third light decides how long the dish needs to be cooked before the final light guides you to the start button and perfect results in seconds. The Samsung oven offers convenience of microwaving, and can also be used for convection baking and roasting, using a fan and a heating element to create air flow patterns inside the microwave, as well as steam cook for healthier, tastier food. Guiding Light oven also comes with a triple distribution system which has three aperture antennas that distribute the convection waves evenly throughout the microwave, eradicating cold and hot spots and ensuring evenly cooked food. The scratch resistant ceramic enamel interior is easy to clean. This Samsung microwave oven is the perfect answer for today busy lifestyles where limited time doesn’t have to prevent anyone from eating healthy meals. The price is around £180. Samsung. Previously, dual cooking twin convection Samsung oven.

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