Aga Total Control range cooker

Sporting traditional Aga looks with boiling and simmering plates, and roasting, baking and simmering ovens, the new Aga Total Control range fully resembles a typical cast iron, heat storage range cooker that made the company famous. The main difference, however, is innovative control center, hidden behind the top left door. It can be accessed directly or via a remote handset, allowing you a total control over the hot plates and ovens. You can heat only one hotplate or both, heat only the roasting oven, the baking oven or the simmering oven, or all three.

The Aga Total Control cooker works in manual or automatic mode. In manual mode, an oven or a hotplate can be operated independently, staying on until you switch it off. With remote handset, you can program the cast-iron ovens to come on automatically for one or two cooking cycles per day, 7 days a week. The constant ambient warmth for which the AGA is renowned, can also be programmed.
Each oven has its own heat source, ensuring consistent temperatures. The range also gets ready in minutes, literally – instead of taking 6 hours to warm up, a hotplate can be ready in 8 minutes, the baking oven in 22 minutes. Finally, the average weekly electricity bill for cooking should go down to just £5. Price for the Aga Total Control is around £9,600. Aga.
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