Aga cooker with four ovens

Aga makes this high-end cooker in either gas or electric configuration. The classic Aga cooker with gas intake has become synonymous with the company. The electric version of popular four-oven Aga cooker is a natural choice for homeowners who don’t have gas service or simply prefer electric cooker, and want to enjoy performance and flexibility Aga brings to a modern kitchen. Aga designed an electrically powered warm air recirculation system which provides the heat and maintains cooker operating temperature, supplying you with perfect radiant heat for best cooking experience. You can install this electric cooker practically anywhere in your kitchen, as an island or a pass-through.
With two hotplates, a warming plate and four radiant-heat ovens, this Aga cooker offers unmatched flexibility and cooking capabilities. Simmering plate accommodates up to 3 pans for slow cooking, retaining delicate sauces and gravies. Can be used directly as a griddle for delicious pancakes. Temperature range settings are around 350º F. The large boiling plate is positioned right above Aga heat source, giving instant heat at about 700º F, and is ideal for stir fry. It takes 3 average-sized saucepans and boils water quicker than a gas burner or electric element. For less heat, simply move your pan toward the edge of the plate. Large square warming plate keeps plates, tea and coffee pots at approximately 140º F, and is often used to warm plates prior to serving.
A huge roasting oven of the four-oven Aga cooker is the constantly hot cast iron oven which, using radiant heat, seals all the juices into your meat. The result is the most succulent and flavorful meal. The roasting oven can easily accept a 25 lb. turkey, while keeping temperature within 425 to 450º F range. Designed for pizza, cakes, fish and cookies, cast iron baking oven also cooks vegetables and other side dishes to perfection while you roasting your main course, and keeps gentle radiant heat between 325 and 450º F. Warming drawer keeps food warm, moist and ready to serve for your late guests between 125 and 250º F. And simmering oven is your choice for slow cooking. Use this oven to cook casseroles, stews, and other foods that require long cooking times for the best results anywhere from 225 to 250º F. Made of durable cast iron and covered by 3 coats of vitreous enamel in one of 14 colors, this four-oven Aga cooker is priced in $15,500 range. Previously, Aga Legacy electric cooker. Aga.

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