The new Diva 365 – 5 burner induction cooktop with all-electric convection oven

Diva de Provence breaks new ground with the Diva 365, a revolutionary new induction range that will be available late fall of 2007. The 36-inch stainless steel professional range is an industry first, successfully combining an all-electric convection self-cleaning oven with a five burner induction cooktop. This new professionally-styled range features five cooking zones on the induction cooktop including one large 4000 Watt center burner and two 3000 Watt side burners. In addition the oven boasts a 3500 Watt bake and broil element, 2000 Watt convection element and the fastest self-clean in the industry. Combining sleek looks with powerful performance, the Diva 365 is stainless steel with all-touch controls. The unique and stylish octagonal shaped oven provides smooth air flow for more consistent and efficient cooking. The five burner Diva Induction cooktop utilizes electromagnetic energy that heats only the cookware. The onyx vitroceramic glass surface remains cool to the touch providing the safest cooking surface on the market for homes with young children and budding chefs. Also, Diva Induction Cooktops heat food faster, boiling water in half the time of the most powerful gas or electric burner, while the kitchen stays cool. This rapid heating process saves time and energy. Previously, Diva induction cooktops for visually impaired.

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