Whirlpool Centralpark refrigerator – Hi-Tech entertainment refrigerator

There is nothing new with the Hi-Tech entertainment refrigerators featuring LCD TVs, FM radios and DVD connections, after we have seen Electrolux Cyber fridge, LG TV refrigerator and Siemens CoolMedia fridge-freezer, not too forget of course, the Siemens Media range hood. But the new Whirlpool Centralpark refrigerator is taking it a step further, providing you with the Centralpark Connection – an interchangeable interface available on Whirlpool latest refrigerators, which enables you to hook up and charge a MP3 player, a cell phone, a satellite radio or a DVD/CD player. And you can watch a digital photo album using Ceiva 8-inch digital picture frame, entertaining yourself and your guests. Never get bored in your kitchen.

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