Heritage Range Cookers – multifunction traditional ranges

The Heritage Range Cookers can perform any function – cooking, water and central heating, all independently timed to suit your home. Combining traditional style and build quality with the latest technology means, these hand finished ranges are quiet, responsive and controllable, and in summer, when ‘traditional’ ranges are let out for the season, the Heritage range cooker, due to its exceptional insulation properties and design, can be roasting from cold in twenty five minutes. These solidly build and very heavy range cookers use forced combustion rather than older atmospheric burners, operating at higher efficiencies and using less fuel. Being extremely heavy helps to hold heat well. The very controllable multifunction traditional cookers can be used for roasting, grilling, baking, and water boiling. High temperature cooking with Heritage is totally even because the main oven has flue passages wrapping all around it. Extremely hot air also passes by the other ovens, giving a more gentle heat approximately half the temperature inside the slower ovens, ideal for those lovely slow casseroles, souffles, and much more. The range cookers are made in four models – Standard, Grande, Compact and Uno, and can use either oil or gas. The Heritage Standard is based on the original style and traditional heavy build quality using a combination of cast iron, heavy section steel and ceramics for durability and good heat retention, and offers two or three full sized ovens, two large hobs, and can have boiler options if required, for hot water or central heating up to 120,000 BTUs. The price starts at £5,275 and installation is extra. The truly multifunction Heritage Grande is built on a chassis that is 145cm wide. The Grande offers four or five ovens and models with up to 150,000 BTUs output – enough for over thirty radiators. They have the traditional large double hob plus hotplate or the option of an electric ceramic hob. Each oven can take up to six standard trays – approximately 34 x 19cm or three large trays. Each hob takes three average saucepans, right hand simmer or left hand boil which provides huge capacity and great versatility in cooking. Additionally there is a large warming plate or optional ceramic hob for oil models only. The starting price is £8,235 plus installation. The Compact model is built on a slightly smaller chassis than the Standard, and while only 84cm wide, the Compact has the same heavy build quality with the traditional double hob layout and two full size ovens and, if required, boiler options for hot water or central heating. Compact Heritage ranges start at £4,740 without installation. A small range cooker with big features, the Heritage Uno was designed primarily for use on canal barges which run on marine diesel, but this cooker fits equally nice at home in the smallest kitchen. With a single hob, which is large enough to take up to three saucepans, and a full size oven, the Uno offers superb control and economy, and with the boiler option will also supply plenty of hot water for up to five radiators. Available in two configurations, Uno Dry – single oven dedicated cooker with an efficient and quiet pressure jet burner, programmable for extremely versatile and economic cooking and room heating, and Uno Host Boiler – single oven cooker with a hot water capability. The price starts at £3,185 and installation is extra. So if you are looking for a highly efficient and stylish traditional multifunction range cooker which can use oil or gas and serve as a beautiful range or an efficient boiler, give quite a bit of thought to the Heritage Range Cookers.

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