Free standing 100cm Siemens range cooker – Siemens cooking ranges

Siemens cooking ranges are designed with one purpose – to provide the best performance and multiple functionality in order to meet any and all culinary wishes of today’s most demanding chefs. The Siemens 100 cm wide range, HQ 745B56EU is one of the larger cookers in the European field of free-standing range cookers. Equipped with either five or six gas burners, this range will cook for you and response to your every wish. The 60cm wide oven can steam your main entry, while the favorite deserts can be browning in the smaller oven just next to it. The design is the consistent continuation of the Siemens glass info zone, which has already proved its worth in 90 cm wide range cookers and in built-in ovens. The HQ 745B56EU will enable even an average chef to demonstrate above average cooking talents. Siemens.

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