Built-in steamer by Kuppersbusch

This 60cm wide built-in steamer, Kuppersbusch EDG 6550.0BCX combines a black glass front with a black chrome handle bar. The refined design complements Kuppersbusch advanced steaming technology. Simple, intuitive electronic controls allows you to choose fully automatic cooking programs for fish, meat and vegetables to achieve mouth watering and healthy results each and every time. An external steam generator ensures precise steam supply and optimal cooking environment. The easy-to-clean, stainless steel 35-litre interior is equipped with a removable water tank and light.

In addition to the built-in steamer, Kuppersbusch also offers matching built-in ovens, the EEBK 6550.8BCX and EMWK 6550.0BC compact. Both feature elegant aesthetics with horizontally aligned lines, catalytic technology and electronic touch controls. The EEBK 6550.8BCX comes 13 cooking functions including grill, baking and roasting, while the compact EMWK 6550.0BC offers 11 modes. Kuppersbusch.
Single wall oven by Kuppersbusch
Kuppersbusch steam oven

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