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Miele is undisputed king of steam cooking offering more steam oven models than any other brand. The DGC 5061 shown on the top is built-in Miele steam oven with both steam and dry heat cooking functionality, giving you more options and further expanding your culinary horizons. This well rounded combi steam oven works as a conventional oven and can create up to 6 different micro climates in succession during a program cycle, ideal for bread-baking and Sunday roasts, that require moist and humid climates at various stages of preparation. A beautifully crusty pork roast is done to a T with this Miele steam oven in the following sequence – if first cooked for 15 minutes at 100°C and 95% humidity with steam loosening and loosing excessive fats. Then your roast is seared for 30 minutes at 180°C and 50% humidity for even browning and crispy crackling. Finally with 130°C and 30% humidity, the meat gently cooks through to the very core, resulting in succulent on the inside, crispy brown on the outside, one very delicious roast.
Miele put close to 150 automatic programs that can be used by less experienced cooks to achieve perfectly eatable results. For more ambitious chefs, the DGC 5061 allows setting up series of dry and moist cooking phases, their durations and levels of humidity in the oven manually. This steam oven constantly monitors humidity levels and takes the moisture content of food into account, which is unique attribute of Miele combi steam oven.

The DG 5061 user interface combines retractable rotary selectors and a text display with touch controls, matching the style and design with other built-in appliances from the 5000 series, such as ovens and compact ovens with knob controls. Other oven features include 30 litre cavity, Miele VitaSteam technology which produces steam outside the inner cabinet ensuring excellent retention of flavours, colour and vitamins without the risk of food burning or boiling over, simultaneous 3-level steam cooking with absolutely no transfer of taste, CleanSteel stainless steel front, floor heater to dissipate condensation, automatic descaling program, dishwasher-safe accessories, cooling system, cool front, system lock, door contact switch and safety switch-off. This Miele steam oven even features automatic altitude-adjustment of boiling temperature. Priced at approximately £1,750. Miele.
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