De Dietrich steam oven

The De Dietrich DOV745X is Compact 45 De Dietrich steam oven that allows you to use steam cooking, the healthiest way to cook and do it in style. Just by cooking foods in their own juices helps preserve vitamins, mineral salts, colours and textures. Most importantly, steaming brings out the true flavours of food more effectively than any other method of cooking. This sleek 45cm steam oven has an animated digital display with touch-sensitive temperature controls. With its 23 litre cooking cavity, De Dietrich DOV745X steam oven offers drop down door, stylish exterior and a preset choice of temperatures for the best culinary results. Easy to install with no need for plumbing, there are 4 easy stages to using the steam oven – fill the water jar, set chosen temperature, set cooking time and press Start. Unlike other steam ovens on the market, the De Dietrich steam oven does not have a pump, therefore the water moves by gravity within the oven cavity and glides onto the hot element of the oven, producing the required steam. It means that cooking is very quiet.

It has 8 preset cooking temperatures between 55° and 100°C, enabling the user to cook each food type at the best possible temperature / length of cooking time ratio to bring out the best flavour. Just select from Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Puddings, Reheating, Melting Chocolate, Fish & Fruit Defrost or Meat Defrost, and this steam oven does the rest. Through steam cooking there is little or no risk of overcooking food or mixing flavours. Easy to clean, it contains a heating element that reduces steam condensation on the sides of the machine so that a wipe of a sponge on the generator and bottom of the cavity is all that is required. Special safety features include an audible cut-off alarm when the water reservoir is empty. Other key benefits include child lock, electronic programmer, automatic clock and electronic timer, deactivation for clock and display, stainless steel interior and interior light. Price is approximately £1,000. De Dietrich. Previously, De Dietrich microwave oven.

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