ATAG QuliMax steam oven

The ATAG QuliMax is a new multi-functional, combination steam oven, combining sophisticated technology and Dutch design. Steaming used by the Chinese for many centuries is fast becoming the preferred cooking method as it brings many advantages to the table, preserving taste, nutrients, colour and texture with healthier results. In fact, steam ovens are just one of many healthy cooking appliances but certainly the most versatile. The QuliMax combination oven steams, bakes, roasts, grills, reheats and defrosts, offering the ultimate functionality for the busy household and additional programs to inspire the keenest of cooks. Moreover, this ATAG oven allows you to combine cooking modes. Roasting and baking can be accomplished using a combination of fanned heat and steam to achieve ideal humidity and heat for cooking meat and fish for a succulent, crispy finish as well as baking bread and cake for a shiny, crusty result.

The QuliMax also contains the steam and smells within, so is ideal for the contemporary open plan living areas we aspire to today. It also offers a further advantage, eliminating the use of extra pots and pans. Just one dish lets cook different types of food together without the transfer of smell or flavour. Other key benefits of 36 litre compact ATAG QuliMax with multiple cooking modes include,
– 40 pre-set automatic programs for steaming, roasting, baking, grilling and defrosting
– electronic temperature and steam control
– twin steam generation external to the oven cavity for even, rapid cooking
– flexible installation in a tall or base unit
– LCD screen with temperature, time and program feedback
– adjustable temperature from 40°C to 100°C for steaming and up to 230°C for oven combination function
– up to 10 hours delayed start
– reheating without drying out
– keep warm and defrosting functions
– 6 shelf positions
– can be installed independently of a water supply
– automatic cleaning and descaling function
ATAG QuliMax is available in stainless steel or graphite black for approximately € 2,200. Also Miele steam oven.

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