Combi steam oven – Viking built-in electric combi steam convect ovens

A combi steam oven offers the dual power of steaming and convection cooking. Viking most recent additions are two built-in, electric combi steam convect ovens – the VCSO Professional Series Convect Combi Steam Oven shown above, and the DCSO Designer Series Combi Steamer below.
Steaming is an excellent way of gentle and healthy cooking, retaining natural vitamins, minerals, taste and texture. With 6 cooking functions, these combi steamers offer a variety of combinations with steaming and convection heating. Steaming gently cooks food while keeping all the natural ingredients intact, ReHeat Plus function reheats and defrosts foods, ProBake cooking provides two cooking phases of steam and heat to seal in the moisture while browning the outside of food, TruConvec cooking with fan-forced air is perfect for multiple rack baking, SteamHeat and TruSteam cooking combines steam with fan-forced air to brown the outside of food while ensuring the interior is cooked. The electronic display of each combi steam oven comes with 10 hour independent timer, delay cooking feature, and includes recommended temperature settings from 90°F to 440°F, and a user friendly multi-lingual menu, which easily guides you through functions and settings. Viking makes it easy to integrate these combi steam ovens with Professional stainless steel trim kits in 27″, 30″ and 36″ widths, and Designer stainless steel trim kits in 27″ and 30″ widths. 1.1 cubic feet stainless steel interior offers enough space, while 1.25 liter water tank holds enough fresh water for up to two hours of steaming at 212°F. Automatic descaling and cleaning program works with the provided descaling cleanser, making oven cleaning a breeze. The price for a Viking combi steam oven starts around $3,500 USD.

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