V-ZUG steam ovens

V-ZUG steam ovens come in three trims – the Combi-Steam SL, Steam S, and Combair-Steam S, providing stylish solution for healthy home cooking with professional results. V-ZUG ingenious Electronic Steam System offers several key advantages, including powerful and fast steam production, fast climate change, low water and energy consumption, no water standing in the water pipes, precise amounts of steam as needed and large fresh water tank for longer steaming. Hi-tech sensor technology offers patented climate and climate control sensors, limescale sensor and food probe. The unique climate controlled GourmetSteam is the new automatic program which uses super heated steam to prepare dishes that normally require a heavy use of oil. Traditional gentle Steaming ensures that valuable vitamins and minerals are not lost and food natural flavour is retained. Professional Baking operating mode combines steam and hot air and is perfect for all yeast-based baked goods such as bread and rolls. With Real Hot Air function you can bake two sheets of cookies or fruit and vegetable flans, getting excellent baking or cooking results every time, due to ZUG optimum hot air circulation and ventilation of the baking space. Soft Roasting makes perfectly tender meat, ready to serve at the exact time you need it. Regeneration employs a special combination of steam and hot air, allowing you to reheat pre-cooked meals or convenience food without any loss of quality or moisture and serve them as if freshly prepared. Cleaning is easy with the special descaling feature, and you only need to clean a V-ZUG oven every 6 to 18 months, depending on how often you use it.

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