Home wine cellar from Dometic

Wine enthusiasts know that the temperature and conditions of storage are essential for the full enjoyment of wine. When traditional wine cellars are not an option, a home wine cellar from Dometic offers a more compact and versatile solution, providing you a complete control over your wine storage for the best possible results. Using the exclusive absorption principle invented by Electrolux in 1925, a Dometic home wine cellar doesn’t use a compressor or generate vibrations. There are no moving parts which ensure complete silence and longevity of operation. Our favorite model is the Tronçais Sculptée, made out of two wine cellars and measuring H200 x W140 x D80 cm. Featuring hand finished, decorative inlays, this wine cabinet is made from Tronçais Forest Oak for beauty and sophistication only matched by the taste of fine wine itself. Featuring a fully electronic control panel with digital temperature setting, the Tronçais Sculptée can be regulated from 8 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius, depending on ambient temperature. Guarantying fantastic reliability and wine storage capabilities, this home wine cellar is an excellent choice. See also compact Dometic refrigerator.

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