Eurocave 30 Year Limited Edition Wine Cabinets

Every wine aficionado dreams of a dark natural-stone cellar in which they can preserve their collection, but modern architecture rarely allows such luxury. For over 30 years though Eurocave has been providing the next best thing. To celebrate this they’ve released a celebratory 30 Year Limited Edition Wine Cabinet. The Wine Cabinet has a modern stylised wine-leave motif and is available with either a solid or glass door with U.V. protection. Each cabinet has a high-performance monitoring system and allows for customised hygrometry. The wine cabinet also maintains a constant temperature and provides permanent aeration. Finally the anti-vibration system ensures wine can mature without disruption. For 30 years Eurocave have been protecting the finest wines as they mature, while presenting them in style. See more EuroCave Wine Cabinets.

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