EuroCave wine cellar with Néofresh system

The new V292 wine maturing cooler is the first EuroCave wine cellar with patented Néofresh technology, designed to provide ideal aging solution for up to 211 bottles of your best wines, With a modern ergonomic design, unique technology and possibility to remotely control wine storage environment, this EuroCave wine cellar reduces temperature fluctuations and protects the natural humidity, allowing you to enjoy your wine for years to come. The cellar comes with specially designed 5cm thick Cellular Quality Insulation, Vibration Exclusion System for an anti-vibration performance and creates natural ventilation effect through its vent filter with activated carbon. Other V292 features include 14 sliding shelves, removable evaporator, touch sensitive controls and frameless impenetrable to light black glass door or UV screened frame glass door. Price for this single zone EuroCave wine cellar with Néofresh system starts at approximately £3,000.

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