Siemens Wine Cooler and Delicatessen Cabinet – the latest trend

The new Siemens wine cooler, the vinoThek Wine and Delicatessen Cabinet is the perfect marriage of stylish presentation and functional storage flexibility. Featuring infinitely variable temperature regulation in two different zones of the unit allows you to customize the properties of your wine and food storage, while creating the look of a “gentleman’s club” in your modern kitchen. The Siemens wine cooler allows for temperature regulation between 5 and 22 degrees Celsius, and makes it possible to create two separate temperature zones within the same internal compartment along with two digital thermometers that can be affixed to any aluminum part of the storage shelves based on your wishes. The activated charcoal filter in this wine cooler helps create optimum climatic conditions, preventing unpleasant odors from air outside the unit. Stylishly designed with a tinted glass door and bar-type handles which allow for a clear view into the silver colored, lit interior, the Siemens vinoThek’s overall dimensions are W185 x H60 x D66 cm or 72.83″ x 23.62″ x 26″. The seven storage shelves inside the wine cooler are individually height-adjustable or can be set at an angle, allowing maximum storage flexibility as well as the ability to store open bottles at a constant serving temperature. The extra storage shelf in transparent safety glass is ideal for keeping fine foodstuff ready to serve along with your wine. The price for this Siemens wine cooler is €1,829 or $2,378 USD.

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