New Gaggenau freezer with ice and water dispenser

The new Gaggenau freezer with external ice and water dispenser (RF 463) will premier in the 2nd quarter of 2007. Gaggenau makes this 24 inch freezer with a quick and easy access to filtered ice and water. You don’t have to open the freezer door. The water dispenser can fill an 8 ounce glass in just 8 seconds, and also features a pitcher holder where large pitchers and other containers can be placed conveniently under the dispenser without the need for you to support the full weight of the container. Featuring an anti-clump system, this Gaggenau freezer produces evenly shaped, single ice cubes every time and agitates the ice at timed intervals, ensuring that the ice will not freeze together after defrost cycles or extended periods with the door open. Inside, a ventilator ensures that the temperature is distributed evenly within the compartment. This freezer also features No-Frost technology, eliminating the need for tiresome and time-consuming manual defrosting, ensuring that no frost builds up on stored food items. The Gaggenau-exclusive heavy load door hinge holds up to 220 pounds of door weight and the installed door opens to a 115 degree angle, allowing easy access to pull out drawers and stored items. Enjoy the luxury of externally available filtered water and ice at the touch of a button with this convenient and functional freezer. See also Gaggenau wine cooler.

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