Black Art refrigerator

The new Black Art refrigerator with its innovative reflective finish will add artistic touch to your kitchen decor. The slim 24″ refrigerator integrates beautifully with surrounding cabinetry and is an excellent choice for condos and apartments in urban areas or where kitchen space may be limited. Reversible door add more flexibility when it comes to installation. Fagor equips this fridge with its unique built-in BIO Filter that retains mold and bacteria from the circulating air, eliminates odors and preserves food fresh longer. Antibacterial drum prevents micro-bacteria from growing in the refrigerator. Independent Multi Fresh and Double Fresh drawers maintain two unique temperature environments within the refrigerator, ideal for keeping vegetables crisp, while meats and seafood can simultaneously be stored at their ideal level of moisture. Black Art also has uniquely designed No-Frost System which drastically reduces the condensation level throughout the entire refrigerator, not just the freezer, eliminating the need for periodic defrosting. Refrigerator is also highly energy efficient because air circulates evenly throughout due to its multi-vent panel system. Other unique features include fast cooling and super freezing allowing you to introduce large quantities of food at once, a vacation setting, anti-spill unbreakable glass trays, ability to maintain optimal storage conditions with outside temperature of up to 110º F due to Fagor exclusive Advanced Control System, freezer temperature indicator light, beeper alarm and warning light system, open door alarm and R134-A environmentally friendly coolant. The price for the new Black Art refrigerator is $2,500. Fagor.

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