Slim & trimless induction cooktops by Fagor

Fagor brings five new induction cooktops to North American consumer. In addition to a portable induction cooktop, the line now offers a 12″, a 30″ and a 36″ cooktop with stylish stainless steel trim as well as trimless 30″ and 36″ models with a beveled front. The 12″ induction cooktop presents the opportunity to add and test a new technology to your current kitchen as well as combine technologies such as induction and gas to offer maximum versatility. The slim, trimless 30″ and 36″ cooktops have a new space saving casing, only 2 13/16″ in height that provide more cabinet storage space. The new beveled front also provides a sleek flush fit to the countertop design.
The 12″ cooktop has two induction zones, the 30″ has four, and the 36″ five burners. These self-adjustable induction elements detect the size of what is sitting on a burner and automatically adjust energy to suit it. Fagor also offers a 7-point safety system developed to ensure your safety
– anti overheating disables temperature at 575º F, so oil and other elements doesn’t catch fire
– surface will not activate unless the pan placed on the cooktop is at least 5″ in diameter
– the cooktop will switch off automatically if no cookware is placed on it within one minute
– a signal on the keyboard informs the user about a problem of low voltage on its electrical network
– a safety system automatically shuts off the cooktop in case of over-voltage to protect the electronic boards
– in case of improper electrical connection, the cooktop is automatically protected
– overflow safety stops the cooktop if food is spilled over the touch controls
And with induction cooking there is no flame, smoke or gas emissions, making this an extremely safe cooking solution.
Fagor induction cooktops are equipped with sleek touch controls that are easy to operate. For precise cooking needs, you can select from 12 cooking settings. 3 quick launch commands allow you to select a low, medium or high temperature with a simple touch. Power varies from 50 watts to 3.6 kW for a premium cooking performance. Prices for the new beveled models are $1,100 for the 12″, $1,800 for the 30″ and $2,300 for the 36″ cooktop. The Fagor 30″ and 36″ induction cooktops with stainless steel trim are priced at $1,900 and $2,400 respectively.

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