Built-in refrigerator – 48″ side-by-side DCS built-in refrigerator

The new rugged-looking 48″ side-by-side built-in refrigerator from DCS by Fisher & Paykel delivers state of the art cooling for your modern kitchen. This professionally styled refrigerator offers advanced cooling technology and ample storage, innovative temperature control system, built-in water purifying filter and ice maker. In the heart of the new DCS refrigerator is advanced cooling system which can drastically extend the storage of even the most perishable food items. The specialized cooling function monitors freezer and the fridge compartments in real time, using both evaporators at optimal conditions, maintaining an ideal 71 percent humidity level in the fridge compartment for superior food freshness and longer life. The easy to use, intuitive control panel of this built-in refrigerator puts a number of temperature and performance options at your finger tips, including a power freezing function to freeze food quickly or to create ice cubes rapidly, a power fridge mode to quickly cool down the compartment, a function to lock all buttons, and your choice of cubed or crushed ice in a recessed water dispenser design.
Refrigerator Fresh Island bin is built to adapt to your particular needs, giving you opportunity to customize storage temperatures for various types of foods. You can store meat, raw fish and other food at lower temperatures than that of the fridge compartment by manipulating the temperature modes on the Fresh Island own control panel. These cooling modes include Soft Freezing, Quick Cool, Chill and Cool. Soft Freezing mode sets the temperature in the Fresh Island bin to 23° F and this temperature will be maintained regardless of the fridge temperature setting. This allows for water in meat or fish to freeze soft enough so that is can be easily cut for food preparation. Quick Cool mode enables you to rapidly cool beverages and food. If you place food in the Fresh Island, the built-in refrigerator will continuously work in this chill mode for an hour. Chill sets the Fresh Island compartment temperature at 31° F, so water in food nears freezing, and keeps it at that temperature separate from the overall fridge temperature. With this setting, you can keep meat or fish fresh that you are preparing to cook. Cool function sets the Fresh Island temperature at 38° F. It is designed to provide you with even more refrigeration space if needed. There is also a mode to lock the Fresh Island system at a desired setting. As with all of the Fresh Island modes, you just need to press a particular function a second time to cancel it.
The 48″ wide, 84″ tall side-by-side design provides convenient access to 29 cu. ft, with 18 cu. ft. of refrigerator and 11 cu. ft. of freezer space. Multiple drawers and shelves allow for maximum storage of large plates and for easy loading and unloading. DCS by Fisher & Paykel built-in refrigerator represent a spacious and ergonomic design providing more fridge and freezer room than similar sized built-in refrigerators in the market today.

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