Fagor side by side refrigerators

The new side by side refrigerators from Fagor offer a new larger capacity and provide easy access to your foodstuffs. With almost 46″ of additional space, this Energy Star rated, no frost side by side refrigerator line has the same features and benefits as the popular Fagor slim refrigerator line models but with much needed additional storage space. The Fagor side by side refrigerator is the first model that is almost 36″ wide, as Fagor is known for its slim line designs of 24″ units like the Fagor Torre. The efficient side by side refrigerator comes in stainless steel and has the option of an automatic ice and water dispenser.

Fagor America, globally recognized for their sleek and efficient kitchen appliances, continues to push the envelope by creating innovative refrigerators like the Fagor Side by Side. The unit maintains a constant control of humidity in order to keep the cabin in a No Frost environment, and it also has multi-fresh draws that keep the ideal temperature (low humidity and a temperature just above freezing) to perfectly preserve meats and fish twice as long as traditional refrigerators.
You Fagor side by side refrigerator has a Turbo-X cooling feature that cools food almost twice as fast as conventional refrigerators. An internal water filter system has been included which allows to reduce the presence of lead, cysts and other unhealthy particles found in drinking and ice water. The refrigerator also maximizes storage space by adding convenient Multi-Plus Zones which are adjustable bins that accommodate your daily needs including milk and 2-liter bottles, helping to free up your shelf space. The Fagor Side by Side is designed with an electronic temperature regulation system, so the internal temperature of both the refrigerator and the freezer are constantly monitored and automatically corrected.
The Fagor side by side refrigerators are designed with a Magic Cooling Zone which is an independent cooling fan and temperature control settings that preserve your produce. The LCD control panel allows you to ensure the cooling is constant by managing an entire range of pre-selected temperatures and alert warnings. The icons on the Side by Side LCD panel let you know if the unit goes off its desired temperature and even if the refrigerator door is left open. The energy consumption is very low on the unit, making it suitable for an Energy Star seal, saving you energy and money.
Suggested retail price for the Fagor side by side refrigerator without the automatic ice and water dispenser is $2,000 and $2,200 for the model with it.

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