Wine cabinet from Liebherr – 26″ wine storage cabinet

The latest offering from Liebherr for US market is single temperature zone wine cabinet, the WS 13500. The 26″ wine storage cabinet can take up to 135 bottles, preserving your favorite wines for long period of time and at perfect conditions. Its accurate electronic control system has a digital temperature display for settings between 41°F or 5°C and 68°F or 20°C, and addresses four vital areas when it comes to wine storage – precise temperature, low vibration, minimized light exposure and appropriate humidity levels. Equally important for the ideal climate is exceptional air quality. Liebherr design uses re-circulated forced air cooling and a permanent fresh air supply via an easily exchangeable activated charcoal filter. Humidity is set between 50 and 80% to allow wine to breathe as it matures and to keep corks supple. The wine cabinet should be esthetically pleasing as well. With stainless steel finish and an integrated lever handle, this Liebherr wine cabinet fits beautifully into any home environment, either as a freestanding or a built-in. Features include specially developed, quiet compressors to ensure the lowest vibration possible, double-glazed door to filter unwanted and damaging UV rays, 2 fixed and 3 gliding wooden shelves. The WS 13500 wine cabinet will be available late summer 2008. Liebherr.

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