Frigidaire refrigerator with four doors

The large four-door Frigidaire refrigerator has a French Door layout and offers a 620 liter gross capacity with 464 liters in fridge and 156 liters in freezer sections. This 90cm wide fridge freezer is available in two models and features dual cooling system with different designs. The fridge compartment utilizes a passive cooling technology with cold air pumped from behind the rear aluminum condensation plate, ensuring high humidity and preventing food dehydration, uneven cooling and other unwanted cooling issues. The freezer compartment of this Frigidaire refrigerator employs an active cooling technology with multi flow, cold air blasting for a very cold, dry environment to quickly freeze and safely preserve food products for extended period of time. Four-door design allows you to easily find exactly what you are looking for, and helps maintain set temperatures minimizing exposure of the refrigerator interior to the outside air with its smaller doors.
Frigidaire equipped this refrigerator with many amenities making sure that you can store various types and sizes of your favorite foods. The fridge section offers a full width shelf letting you comfortably store large plates, 2 drawers for vegetables and fruits, chilled meat drawer with a special adjustable vent for extra cold air circulation to keep meat fresh, snack drawer, 3 spill-safe tempered glass shelves and 6 various door storage compartments where you can store everything from eggs, to butter, to different size bottles. The frost-free freezer comes with Express Freeze function, 5 storage drawers including 2 very large, and Twist-N-Serv ice trays.

Other features of the four door Frigidaire refrigerator include easy-care stainless steel doors with elegant handles, lockable electronic controls with LCD display, open door alert, timer which can be set for up to 99 minutes and 30 seconds with 30 second intervals, vacation mode and bright interior light. Frigidaire.
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