GE Artistry retro refrigerator

The new GE Artistry retro refrigerator belongs to the new GE Artistry line, a sophisticated, affordable collection of retro appliances which offer cool metallic handles and knobs with sleek chrome trim. Designed by GE own up-and-coming designers, the Artistry also includes a gas range, an electric range, an over-the-range microwave and a dishwasher. The retro line also comes in white and color panels for the bottom freezer refrigerator are being considered.

The 30″ wide, 20.3 cu. ft. Artistry retro fridge freezer comes with high gloss contoured doors, convenient upfront temperature controls and is equipped for optional, easily installable ice maker. The main features include 3 electronic sensors, a multiflow air tower, a frost guard, 2 fresh food cabinet drawers, 2 adjustable fresh food cabinet shelves, various door bins and storage compartments, a freezer shelf, a freezer wire bin and a door bin.
The proposed door panel colors are cupcake blue, bell pepper red, lemon, lime, ginger, cinnamon and aubergine, and GE is looking for your input.
GE Artistry retro refrigerator sells for around $1,100. You can buy the entire set, including range, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher for between $2,200 to $2,300.

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