GE refrigerators – Profile and Cafe bottom-freezer refrigerators

New GE Profile and GE Cafe bottom-freezer refrigerators not only help preserve your favorite foods for home cooking, they also make it easier than ever for your family to serve themselves, thanks to convenient storage features and an improved ice-and-water-dispenser. Convenience and style drive popularity of bottom-freezer refrigerators, in part because of the convenience they offer in organizing and accessing both fresh and frozen foods.

Having the fresh food compartment at eye level allows family members to easily help themselves to frequently used fruits and vegetables, deli items and drinks. In the freezer compartment, slide-out drawers and baskets allow a variety of frozen food packages to be seen at a glance and quickly retrieved. Another big advantage is that the freezer is wider than in a side-by-side refrigerator. The freezer area is the full width of the refrigerator, providing room for larger items, such as a whole turkey, pizzas, a tray of frozen appetizers, or extra bags of ice.
The 2011 GE refrigerators come with a new, taller ice-and-water dispenser making it easier to help yourself to fresh, clean ice and water. Now the dispenser height can accommodate filling everything from pitchers to cooking pots and sports bottles. The dispenser display area is also easier to read than ever, thanks to a white LED readout with a 20 percent larger font. A stainless steel overlay, matte silver dispenser well, white LED buttons, and a slim new paddle design complete the dispenser stylish appearance.
The new line of GE Profile and GE Cafe refrigerators also features more capacity for ice storage, thanks to a new design that places the water and ice dispenser in the door of the refrigerator. In addition, this frees up more usable space in the fresh food area.
The new Profile and Cafe bottom-freezer refrigerator line also offers popular features such as,
– full-width adjustable-temperature deli drawer – party trays and larger items fit easily and remain at the ideal temperature
– flexible storage – GE QuickSpace shelf slides out of the way to make room for tall items
– exceptional food preservation – ClimateKeeper system with five air sensors and an air tower keeps food garden-fresh longer
– crisp, clear lighting – energy-efficient, pinpoint LED lighting brightly illuminates the refrigerator interior, while freeing up more usable space for food storage
These GE Profile and Cafe bottom-freezer refrigerators will be in stores on May 11, 2011 in freestanding, counter-depth and armoire styles.
GE Profile counter-depth models
3-door, white or black, GE PFCF1RKZ
3-door, stainless steel, GE PFCF1RKZSS
4-door, stainless armoire style, GE PGCS1RKZSS
GE Profile freestanding models
3-door, stainless steel, GE PFSS5RKZSS
3-door, White or Black, GE FSF5RKZ
4-door, stainless armoire style, GE PGSS5RKZSS
GE Cafe model
3-door, stainless steel freestanding, GE CFSP5RKBSS

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