No use-by dates with Gorenje refrigerators

Around £10 billion worth of food is dumped every year, and it is estimated that each household throws away £400 of food a year, with many consumers disposing of meals, drinks, and fruit and vegetables that are still fit to eat. By removing use-by dates, it is hoped that some of this waste will be cut down, with consumers keeping food for longer. In order to prevent unnecessary food wastage, it is vital that the fridge can maintain perishable items at optimum condition for as long as possible. Gorenje wide range of built-in and freestanding refrigerators like the NRK67358E freestanding fridge above, offers a variety of features specifically designed with this in mind, including,

– Zero ‘n’ Fresh compartment – the sensor-controlled temperature is maintained at about 0°C in the Zero ‘n’ Fresh pull-out drawer. This provides an ideal environment for storing perishables, locking in and preserving their freshness for longer.
– Multiple system circulates chilled air evenly around the storage areas, keeping the temperature constant, while the Cold Shower system maintains the temperature at about 0°C. Chilled air then blows directly onto the Zero ‘n’ Fresh compartment, cooling newly stored items much faster and more efficiently that conventional models. As a result, the aromas and valuable nutrients in vegetables, fruit and meat products are preserved, which means food stays fresher three times longer.
– Intelligent UseLogic technology continuously monitors, adapts and controls the temperature in the fridge and freezer sections, ensuring the correct food storage conditions while maximising energy efficiency.
– Fast-chill option rapidly reduces the refrigerator temperature, ideal for chilling large quantities of food quickly when restocking the fridge and preserving food quality.
– Perfect for freezing large quantities of fresh food, the fast-freeze option operates at an extremely low temperature of -32°C, keeping frozen food in perfect condition longer than conventional freezing.
– Gorenje Frost Free Advantage technology circulates chilled air around the storage areas, reducing the level of humidity in the freezer while ensuring even temperature control to preserve the quality, colour and aroma of the stored food.
Gorenje refrigeration range also boasts excellent energy ratings, with some models featuring an incredible ‘A++’ rating. Many models also include a five-year free parts and labour guarantee for added peace of mind.

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