Quattroporte Quadro refrigerator by Rex-Electrolux

Quattroporte Quadro features a modern shape, straight lines and new handles that allow a perfect aesthetic combination with the ovens and dishwashers in the same range. The main features of 90 cm wide Quattroporte fridge-freezer are 470 liters capacity, maxi vegetable drawer on telescopic slides suitable to store large quantities of fruit and vegetables, wide shelves that can host serving trays, large dishes, baking sheets and roasting pans that cannot be stored inside standard fridges. It has ‘A’ energy class rating thanks to improved performance and further reduced energy consumption. The FI 5004 NFAX comes with electronically controlled dual cooling engine, Dynamic Air Cooling MiniDAC internal ventilation system, a freezer with No Frost technology and FastFreeze feature, digital display and high temperature/open door audible alarm. Price is around 2,500 €. Rex-Electrolux.


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