LG Panorama three-door refrigerator with vertical dispenser

Sleek stainless steel doors gleam from the front of the LG Panorama three-door refrigerator with vertical dispenser. Modern innovation improves on previous generations to create a door system that offers even more convenience. Within the Panorama door, LG have incorporated an extra-tall vertical water dispenser. At over 10 inches it easily fills even large glasses and bottles. By running the control buttons down the left side, the LG were able to create a taller ice and water access zone. The bright LCD display above the controls makes it easy to monitor temperatures inside the fridge. Finally, an innovative new technology means that the ice maker can be located within the freezer at the bottom of the unit. With the Panorama three-door refrigerator with vertical dispenser, LG have improved the design to accommodate the changes in modern living. The price is $3,200 USD. See also the LG Panorama French Door environmentally friendly refrigerator.

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