Miele refrigerator – contoured stainless steel fridge-freezer

This Miele refrigerator is in a class by itself, combining stunning design with innovative features that annihilate the competition. The quality of this award winning Miele fridge is evident in its striking appearance. The refrigerator brushed stainless steel finish gives this product a sleek modern look that is further enhanced by its elegant contoured shape. With its two-part display Miele tells the current temperature of each section, and gives the refrigerator a high-tech look while emphasizing its user-friendly nature. With an overall capacity of 422 liters, there will always be room to spare. An automatic ice maker is also a handy feature, making sure that you always have ice on hand. But the real innovation is in the lighting. This Miele refrigerator incorporates an LED lighting system that provides ample lighting to find what you need while giving the interior a classy look. The glass shelves are lit from behind to ensure that every storage area is fully visible. There is even lighting inside the door and in the vegetable keeper, making each section of this fridge fully usable and easy to access. Miele.

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