Whirlpool stainless steel refrigerator with No Frost Fresh Control technology

The stylish Whirlpool stainless steel refrigerator comes with several innovative features that add convenience and helps store foods for longer periods of time. The No Frost Fresh Control is a new technology that constantly controls the humidity, keeping food as fresh as the day you bought it for twice as long as a conventional refrigerator, while maintaining taste and the nutrients intact. Equipped with the active sensors that sense changes in temperature, humidity and adapt accordingly, this stainless steel refrigerator from Whirlpool preserves water content, vitamins, antioxidants and micro elements for longer as well as eliminating the need to defrost. Other key benefits of Whirlpool WBC3546 FCX stainless steel refrigerator include a special cooler compartment with temperature and humidity kept at low levels, creating perfect storage conditions for perishables like meat and fish, Whirlpool patented 6th Sense technology that detects temperature rises and directs chilled air to the affected area to restore to correct levels up to 5 times faster than normal fridges, and Microban anti-bacterial filtration system which helps purify the circulating air, reducing bacteria, odours and risk of cross-contamination between different foods.

The freestanding, ‘A’ rated Whirlpool stainless steel refrigerator also offers 345 litre net capacity, multiflow, LCD controls, mobility rollers and reversible doors. The 238 litre refrigerator section has 4 + max space balcony, a large crisper with divider, 3 shelves, egg tray and Super Cool function, whereas the 4-star, 107 litre freezer can freeze 7kg of food in 24 hours and comes with innovative pizza door balcony, ideal for frozen pizzas or ready-meals, 3 transparent drawers, Fast Freeze function and ability to keep food safe for 12 hours in the event of power outage. Priced ar around € 700. Whirlpool.
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