Modern refrigeration line – the Sense Series from Asko

The straight clean lines of Asko modern refrigeration line called Sense Series, do make a lot of sense for the contemporary kitchens, giving you installation configuration, flexibility and energy efficient cooling performance. The series consists of three stylish models – the F2583 NoFrost freezer, the R2583 refrigerator and RF2583 fridge freezer – all available in white, black and touch proof stainless steel. Equipped with modern touch controls and curved handles, this refrigeration line fits with Asko dishwashers, ovens, cookers and extractor hoods. The sensible yet sleek design makes life easier in the kitchen, both for your eyes and your food.
Depending on your needs, amount of frozen food you wish keep with how often you shop, kitchen space and budget, you can choose the models you want and install them as stand alone or side by side. Key features of this modern refrigeration line include LCD temperature display, anti bacterial system, variety of shelves, bins and drawers, fan driven air circulation for even and throughout cooling, vacation mode, fast cooling and freezing functions. Prices for stand alone refrigerator R2583 are € 840 for stainless and € 640 for white and black models. The stand alone F2583 freezer sells for € 860 in stainless, € 640 in white and black. The RF2583 fridge freezer is seen in stores for € 960 and € 720 respectively. Asko.

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