Electrolux SpacePlus fridge freezer

Having more space with the sleek Electrolux SpacePlus fridge freezer means having complete freedom to cook what you want and not having to worry about running out of supplies. Size does matter and the product developers at Electrolux know this. In many kitchens, there are limits to the space available for appliances, but there is no limit to the space needed for storing groceries. That is why Electrolux has developed the new SpacePlus range where the internal space is increased without breaking the standard external dimension limit. With people tending to buy more groceries at a time and less frequently than before, the storage space is becoming quite important when it comes to choosing a refrigerator. For the busy at home chef, increased storage space means the ability to store a multitude of ingredients allowing for spontaneous dinner parties and creative cooking. The Electrolux SpacePlus is equipped with the following features:
– extra large 42 litre vegetable drawer for easy access storage with pull-out opening system and an internal divider that makes it easy to organize your fruits and vegetables
– extra large 44 litre transparent freezer drawer that can accommodate a large turkey
– space saving bottle rack that can store 5 big bottles horizontally, ideal for wine or soft drinks

The SpacePlus fridge freezer also comes equipped with the FreeStore system. FreeStore is a dynamic circulation system that evenly distributes both temperature and humidity within the refrigerator. This allows consumers to use the available space more efficiently. The SpacePlus range is a part of the Electrolux energy saving tradition and is labeled ‘A+’ for energy efficiency. This means that it uses 25 percent less energy than a regular ‘A’ rated model.
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